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Meet the Owners

Meet Mother Daughter Marilyn & Kennetha


  Her passion for the hair industry started early. In fact while most of her friends at sixteen were just excited about driving she was in Beauty School. By seventeen years old she was married and living her dream. She had a two chair salon on the north side of Houston and started her day at 6:00 A.M. Marilyn's day was filled with B hives, perms, wigs, and falls and boy was she busy. You see mom entered the industry at a time when you didn't dare step out your front door without your hair looking absolutely perfect. While she was growing her business my dad was ready to start his new venture in the country. To Magnolia to be more exact about an hours drive from where her salon was. So she said goodbye to Marilyn's House of Beauty and started over in the near by town of Tomball. Where she worked and managed Joseph's of Houston. While she enjoyed working and being mentored by Sue and Joseph Reed she missed the excitement of having her own salon. That's when Creative Designing Team was born. She knew that in order to have a successful salon she needed an energetic TEAM of CREATIVE artists that looked at the hair industry like she did a DESIGNER of hair. 

  This was not my first career choice, it was more like my calling. I had grown up in the salon, and when I say grew up in the salon, I mean that physically and literally. When I was an infant, mom would bring me

to the salon and put me in my play-pen and try to stay on time while her clients would rather play with me than get their hair done. You see back then, I was pretty cute. There were times when mom would work late and it was easier to bathe me in the shampoo bowl than to wait until we got home. I always had a thousand moms and twice that many grandma's. Not just "mom's" clients but her staff, or as she would call them "her girls" they were all family to me. Many have come and gone over the last 3 decades but the memories live on.  From the girls playing with my hair, helping me with homework, or even cheering me on at a softball game. Oh and the clients.  You could always count on them to make sure I was spoiled just enough. From taking my side when I made a "B" to making sure that my first car was a little red convertible. I could go on and on, but what I found by growing up in the salon was a career where I got to not only make people feel beautiful and special but also develop wonderful relationships. As I said, it was more like a calling and I answered and am grateful for it.

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